Zing Digital Media

Zing Digital Media are the creators of Zing DSi - a delivery system that integrates Real Time Passenger Information and public messaging into one easy to use solution. We assist local authorities in the broadcasting of real time live travel information such as cycle counting, bus, rail and tube times, ferry crossings, up to the minute traffic alerts and also instant high definition promotions, adverts and emergency alerts.

Zing DSi fills the gap between UTMC/UTC products and public advertising to the outside world, we make UTMC/UTC data work for you, for the Borough and most importantly for the Public.

As an integrator of Real Time Information (RTI/RTPI) Zing Digital Media enable local authorities to provide key services to the public covering everything from public information to traffic alerts, real time bus information to cycle counters.

We provide many outlets for this vital information: On-street POD's, digital bus shelters, mobile phones, intranet / internet and of course digital displays for shopping malls and businesses alike.

Our solutions integrate with UTC/UTMC data.

  • Real time passenger Information
  • Traffic feeds
  • Cycle counting
  • Car park data
  • Local advertising
  • Emergency planning and deployment